21 Family Drama Monologues

If you are looking for monologues revolving around family matters, this drama collection is for you. Topics on parenthood, love, discipline and loyalty. Thumb through these 21 but we have more at our main monologues section.

21 Family Drama Monologues

I CAN’T WIN – Nella is trying to figure out why her daughter always seems to dates guys that don’t seem to be the most suitable fit.

NORMAL ME, PSYCHOTIC YOU – Petra wishes her Aunt was more genuine, rather than putting on a performance of true love.

WALT DISNEY BABY FURNITURE – Jade talks about how grateful she is for being alive.

TOGETHER – Morris’ daughter has gone missing for years when suddenly she appears in his house.

DIRTY MOUTH – Aunt Patricia tries to teach her niece about how to speak without cursing all the time.

AM I GOOD? – Dwayne struggles within himself about the quality of his own goodness.

THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS AND A NEW LIFE – Eric wants to leave his hone with his mother because of all the abuse he receives from his stepfather.

OUT ON A LIMB – Mickey wishes he and his brother were close and got along but unfortunately for this relationship it isn’t the case.

NOBODY BOTHERS ME – Patrick lies to his Uncle about the bullying he has been getting at school.

MOMMY THIS AND MOMMY THAT – a mother reaches her breaking point with her kids.

HENRY AND THE WIZARD – Henry needs self-confidence but the woman he loves gives him great support and thinks the world of him.

DARK CLOUDED HAND – Orton won’t allow rich men to take over his family’s property.

BREAKING THROUGH – a mother does all that she can to find a common communication ground with her son.

BANDANNA BOY – a father doesn’t want his daughter to settle on some local random guy.

MONEY DOESN’T GROW ON TREES – a mother has to remind her daughter that money isn’t as easy to come by as she may think.

THE PIT OF MY STOMACH – Nina is sick of the gypsy life she lives with her criminal father.

CONTENTS FLAMMABLE – a mother talks about the tragic event of how her daughter got severely burned.

TODAY IS NOT FOREVER – a Grandmother talks to her Granddaughter about the importance of living one’s life to the fullest.

BUT WHEN HE PLAYS – Ezra isn’t pleased with her son’s passion to play music.

RRRR! – Ruth wishes to date a guy she likes but her parents won’t allow that to happen.

FROM DAD – Sean talks about the rocky relationship he had with his dad while growing up.

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