I didn’t just make the decision, it was decided a while ago.

Dean comes home from the pub to find his girlfriend Phebe mourning the sudden loss of her father.  Drama scene from play act Mad to the Core.

DEAN: Look…I could, we could go to New York together.

PHEBE: We can’t.

DEAN: Why can’t we?

PHEBE: I don’t want you to come.

DEAN: Why?

PHEBE: Dean…you’re good and everythin’, but this, this is the end of the road for us.

DEAN: Nah, you’re just upset right now.

PHEBE: Yeah, I’m upset and all, but this has been brewin’ for a while now…I didn’t just make the decision, it was decided a while ago.

DEAN: But, your dad just died, you’re thinkin’ irrational.

PHEBE: Not really.

DEAN: We breakin’ up then?

PHEBE: (Nods.)

DEAN: Just like that?

PHEBE: (Nods.)

DEAN: What am I supposed to do now?

PHEBE: (Shrugs.)

DEAN: I can’t keep up with everythin’.

PHEBE: I know.

DEAN: You know?

PHEBE: I can’t do nothin’.

DEAN: You’re f’kn me over is what you’re doin’.


DEAN: Yeah, you are! You know I haven’t found solid work yet.

PHEBE: Well –

DEAN: And we’re behind on the rent.

PHEBE: Dean –

DEAN: So, you’re takin’ off at the perfect time, leavin’ me holdin’ the bag.

Dean drinks from whiskey bottle.

PHEBE: I took care of things on my end..I been carryin’ us and I’m drownin’.

DEAN: This is all about the money, isn’t it?

PHEBE: Not just the money, Dean.

DEAN: I got nowhere else to go.

PHEBE: After we bury my father, I’m leavin’.

DEAN: That doesn’t give me much time, Phebe.

PHEBE: I’m not tryin’ to put you out.

DEAN: Feels like it.

PHEBE: I have to do this for me.

DEAN: Couldn’t you wait till I’m more settled then?

PHEBE: The time will never be right and let’s admit it, this has been a long time comin’, no?


PHEBE: Come on, let’s not bullsh’t each other.

DEAN: But we been workin’ things out.

PHEBE: It’s a standstill, ya know? Don’t you want more out of life?

DEAN: I thought we were findin’ our balance.

PHEBE: That’s been in our minds all along.

DEAN: How?

PHEBE: It isn’t real, Dean.

DEAN: I thought things have been good.

PHEBE: I don’t love you anymore.

DEAN: …You don’t?

PHEBE: Tell me the truth, Dean…do you really love me? Or am I here out of convenience? Be honest.

DEAN: …I’m going for a drink.


Dean goes to the front door.

Dean exits.

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Mad to the Core by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, ‘Mad to the Core’ Phebe learns of her father’s passing. When her boyfriend Dean comes home she lets him know that her life needs to change and that he may or may not be part of it.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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