Catching Summer

In seriocomedy monologue, “Catching Summer” Teddy faints, and Pamela complains about how he should wise up and take better care of himself.

PAM: You’re a damn fool, if there ever was one. Told you to eat before we left. Did ya listen? Nope. Do you ever listen? Nope. You’re low on electrolytes. It’s why you’re pale. It’s why your calf muscles twitch. Lack of magnesium, too. You’re many areas. Hmm. (to herself) Just get me out of here.

(back to Teddy) Gonna spend your life being afraid of turtles, all on account of one measly bite. So, what? Toughen up. It’s only a turtle, TEDDY! WIMP! I was bit by a dog, a snake, even a coyote. I’m still here. My grandaddy used to let me climb trees till I fell, and when I fell, he’d hoist me back up on a branch and tell me to “Go at it again, Pammy.” And I did..with relish. Like a bona fide savage and I loved it. Hmm.

You can’t go around life scared of loud noises. Scared of your own shadow, scared of what’s next. It’s the imagination that’ll drive you wild. Need to see the good without harping on the bad, or else you end up fainting over luggage in the dead heat of summer.

I don’t have that problem, Teddy. I come from strong stock. I’m a bull. Look at me, Teddy? Thick thighs, strong abs, and bicep strength that’ll knock the head off anybody. I’ve been tried before. (tightens her lips and chin) A bull. And I have brains to boot. Which is why you need me, don’t ya? (beat) You have potential, I’ll give you that. Which is why I’m straighten you up…

I think you passed out long enough. (claps her hands) Come on, Teddy, come on. (Pam gently taps Teddy’s cheek – he stirs) There you are. Get back up on your feet, big boy. Come on now. Rise and shine.

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Catching Summer by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act seriocomedy play, “Catching Summer” Pam and Teddy are trying to leave behind their unhappy existence and venture out on a new life’s path together.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Seriocomedy.

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