11 Dark Female Dramatic Monologues

Here is a stronger dose of dramatic female monologues for auditions, demo reel or monologue study. For more free drama monologues for women.

  1. Two Shades Away M/F: You ever feel like you are two shades away from the life you’re supposed to be living?  (pause.) I’m there.  Sometimes I’ll look back, like right now—usually when shit hits the fan and I think about my past and where I went off track;
  2. Sly Statements – Melanie: You know what I’m referring to…ALL the times you say something real slick, instead of just coming out with it directly, which makes it even worse for me…
  3. Beautiful Day – LINDA: Look at me.  Go on and take a good look.  Do you see me?  I’m a woman.  Not a man.  My whole life I’ve been told that I look like a man.  I don’t believe I ever received a compliment regarding my “looks” as a woman.
  4. Shadows Of My Mind Naomi: I get so down about the direction of my life.  Am I making the right decisions?  Am I being who I am meant to be?  (beat)  I get low about the things I do and I second guess my choices after I’ve already made them and then sometimes days later I change my mind again and go back to an earlier choice I made about the same damn thing…
  5. Addicted – MAN/WOMAN:  You’re so addicted to me, aren’t you? You can’t stop yourself from coming to see me, can you?  You try hard; could be a few days, maybe a few weeks or months but sooner or later something pulls you towards me.
  6. Dark Projections – Female: I spend alot of wasted time trying to not think poorly of people I encounter or work with.  I have a tendency to think that most people are not good people.  I always have a feeling that someone is usually against me or out to hurt me in some way.  Perhaps it’s trust issues.
  7. On One Side – Male/Female: …I’ve come to realize, looking back on my character, that I’m a real piece of shit.  (pause.) I’ve done alot of bad things, knowing they were bad things but never really wanting to do such things.  No matter how much I grow up, no matter how much I mature…
  8. Form Of Clarity Audrey: Well, you don’t have to give me that look.  All I’m saying here is that I think you get too emotional. You overreact.  I’m not sure if it’s the pills you’ve been taking—I don’t know but I didn’t mean to hurt you.  I swear.  I understand what it meant to you tonight.  I understand you more than we ever speak to one another about….
  9. Twinge – Bonnie:  When my eyes first opened, I felt great, had all this energy but then slowly, my stomach began to fill up with this strange twinge…I began thinking about what I did and how I was going to go back home and face him…his face…his eyes…
  10. Lick My Wounds Crystal: I’ll make it easy for you.  I’m not going to hold you back.  I know you’re not happy, so why stay?  Why be with someone you aren’t in love with?  That’s horrible.  It’s just as bad as leaving someone you are in love with.
  11. Walk Me To The Door Samantha: I’ll go first Arthur.  I–will—only—take a minute and then…then…you can come in and see her off for good…she would like that…she would like you to be—she’s always liked your face–haha!–she has always talked about how gentle and friendly your face is, “So welcoming, warm and welcoming” she used to say. Ha!  You are–You DO!  Kind man.  You are a kind hearted man, Arthur.  Thank you for being here and for—you are appreciated, sir.
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