The place is messy, but I’ve always been messy.

In drama scene from, ‘To The Wolves’, Sally needs to borrow some money from her friend in order to make rent on time.  

SALLY: It’s five-hundred, only five-hundred.

KIM: Five?

SALLY: In total, yeah.

KIM: Sh’t…

SALLY: If you don’t have it, that’s fine. I just hate asking my brother for the money.

KIM: You’ve borrowed money from him before?

SALLY: You know I have.

KIM: You ever pay him back?


KIM: How you gonna pay me back?

SALLY: When I land my new job, I will.

KIM: (sighs)

SALLY: So, forget it. I don’t wanna put you out.

KIM: It’s not that…

SALLY: …What?

KIM: I’ve been worried about you.


KIM: The way you sound when you leave me messages at two in the morning…

SALLY: You’ve stopped getting back to me.

KIM: Because you sound…I don’t like how you sound and I’m trying to work hard on my own life…I don’t mean to…(looking around apartment) I can’t believe how you’re living.

SALLY: The place is messy, but I’ve always been messy.

KIM: It smells.

SALLY opens a window.

SALLY: Better? Let the air circulate.

KIM: Who was that guy Frank that was here?

SALLY: (laughs) Frank is some local guy that I hook up with every now and again. Nothing serious.

KIM: He looked like a real dirtbag.

SALLY: He gets the job done for now.

KIM: Sally, I’m being serious.

SALLY: What is your problem? If you got sh’t on your mind just say it already, I hate all this nitpicking bullsh’t you’re doing. Reminds me of my mother and she’s the biggest pain in the a**.

KIM: I’m worried about you.

SALLY: Worried about what?!

KIM: You’ve changed.

SALLY: I’ve changed? Me? Look at you!

KIM: Yeah, I’ve changed but it’s changing along my chosen path, I’m growing up, you, you’re becoming less than who you are, I can’t explain it.

SALLY: No, you can’t.

KIM: What I mean is, that it’s like you’re going in the wrong direction.

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