I don’t wish to be like everyone else.

In this drama scene taken from, “Otto and Sandra”, Sandra wishes to get married and Otto doesn’t, but Otto still wants a baby.

OTTO: I treat you good Sandra.

SANDRA: On your own terms.

OTTO: Really?

SANDRA: Yes, only on your own terms. You are oblivious Otto. I don’t know where your mind is lately, I almost don’t want to know, it’s certainly not on us.

OTTO: We are supposed to be having a wonderful night. We haven’t seen one another in a while. Haven’t you missed me?

SANDRA: (Shrugs her shoulders.) There are some things I miss and other things I don’t.

OTTO: What do you miss?

SANDRA: Stop, I only want to talk about the bad things.


SANDRA: Because I think the bad things are outweighing the good…

OTTO: Such as?

SANDRA: Such as having a baby.


Otto lights a cigarette. Pours a brandy.
Hands a glass to Sandra.

SANDRA (cont’d): Well..aren’t you going to respond?

OTTO: What about it?

SANDRA: I don’t want to have a baby.

OTTO: But we decided –

SANDRA: YOU! YOU decided. You! You decided Otto!

OTTO: You said it is something you would want to do –

SANDRA: Eventually, Otto. Not now. You put pressure on us now to have one and I am not ready for it.

OTTO: Why?

SANDRA: Because I need my freedom.

OTTO: You will still have your freedom.

SANDRA: No, I won’t.

OTTO: Freedom to do what?

SANDRA: Freedom to do whatever the f’k I want! And not be made to feel, to feel –


OTTO: You are getting so excited. I wish you wouldn’t.

SANDRA: Don’t try to get me to calm down and sweet talk me into getting your way. It won’t work.

OTTO: I don’t know why you –

SANDRA: There is no convincing me otherwise.

OTTO: You swing back and forth, that comes from you, not me. You don’t know how to make up your own mind…about ANYTHING. You can’t expect me to wait in the dark to start a family. I am getting impatient with your indecisiveness.

SANDRA: And I don’t want a baby!

OTTO: But you will have everything taken care of for you.

SANDRA: What does that mean?

OTTO: You will never want for anything.

SANDRA: But what I want I won’t have.

OTTO: Like, what?



SANDRA: All of you.

OTTO: How much more of me can you want?

SANDRA: Only the part of you that makes me feel loved.

OTTO: Why do we go down these roads? Why can’t things be good the way they are?

SANDRA: Because they aren’t.

OTTO: Why do people always look for more than what they need?

SANDRA: This isn’t what I want.

OTTO: What then? You tell me, what is it that you want?

SANDRA: You won’t marry me.

OTTO: Don’t start this again.

SANDRA: But why? Aren’t I good enough to marry?

OTTO: I told you I am not getting married again.

SANDRA: But why? Shouldn’t we have –

OTTO: A big event for NOTHING!

SANDRA: But it isn’t nothing, Otto. It is a celebration of our love, isn’t it?

OTTO: No, it isn’t, it…we do not have to be like everyone else to feel connected, to be together.

SANDRA: I don’t wish to be like everyone else, but this is something I want.

OTTO: Why?

SANDRA: Because I’ve never been married, Otto…

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