They Say We’re Boiling Our Brains Inside Our Skulls

In this drama monologue, Vinny shares an argument he had with his wife and wonders if his friends had a similar experience.

VINNY: Just last night, Carmela and I got into it. See my thumb? (holds up his thumb) I bruised my thumb hitting the wall. She makes me so mad sometimes. Hey, you guys ever get in the middle of an argument with your wife and you’re raging mad, but you see something in her that stands out to you as being beautiful and it kinda drains away all your anger, you feel it in an instant, but you’re stuck with your pride and you can’t stop puffing out your chest, but it’s all hot air, there’s nothing you’re upset about anymore because, ’cause you’re so struck by the image when you get sunlight in your eyes, but it don’t hurt, instead it’s something good, a different kind of warmth, right?

So, we were going at it, and finally I turned to her and said, “I wish you would choke and die on the tongue you curse me with.” And I didn’t mean a word of what I said. I didn’t mean one bit of it. I hate myself for saying that to her; I’ve been sick over it all day. Ah, she knows she makes me mad, but she don’t deserve that, not her. Anyway, anyway, you fellas ever experience that?

They Say We're Boiling Our Brains Inside Our Skulls by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, “They Say We’re Boiling Our Brains Inside Our Skulls” Joe and Frank try to figure out why all their best friends are sleepwalking and dying.  When they talk with another good friend named Vinny, things get even worse.  Drama. 3 Men.

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