Up the Line

In drama monologue from, “Up the Line”, Paulie explains to Gino why he isn’t marriage material and better off alone.

PAULIE: …No, it’s just…ah, man…I’m empty inside, Gino. I don’t feel nothin’..just like this ring, it means nothin’ to me. I wish you would throw me in the river, ’cause what’s the point? Why bother with any of this? This don’t make me feel good. Makes me feel worse, like dead inside. Where does a guy as dumb as me go? Huh? Where? I know enough to know I ain’t bright and I know I’m never gonna make good on anything either, so, why d’you keep makin’ me feel worse for havin’ me try? I’m gonna keep fkn’ up man! And then what? What’s everybody gonna do to me then? There’s no real protection for me…anywhere. (Beat.) I’m not husband material. I know you think that by forcing me to marry Tallulah, it’s gonna make a man outta me, change me, but you’re wrong. I can’t handle that kind of pressure! And the woman’s mad! She’s the one who can’t figure us out. Always changin’ her own mind, one minute she wants houses and dogs, the next she’s runnin’ wild on the town! Ah, I’m tired, Gino. One morning she tells me she loves me, and the next she leaves and I don’t see her for days. How the hell am I gonna live up to all of this? When I think about it, it gives me anxiety. I get shortness of breath. You ever get that? From my nerves man. I get heart palpitations and sh’t, really, this ring is a handcuff. What’s after the house and dogs? KIDS?! I’ll have a seizure right here on the floor. No, Gino, we’re not cut out for it. I’d much rather be a f’k up. I need a “don’t care about nothing” kind of life. Let’s be real, I ain’t gonna change, you know it, everyone does.

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Up the Line by Joseph Arnone

In the one act eplay, “Up the Line” Gino tries to convince Paulie that he needs to marry Tallulah and if he does all will be forgiven.  Paulie has other ideas.  Drama.  2 Men.

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