I fell here, like an angel.

In drama scene from 1 act play script, “The Goldfish” Cameron tries to convince Kimmie he doesn’t love her despite her belief that he does.

KIMMIE:  …There you are Cammie, baby lips.  (Hugging Cameron.)  Cammie you are as sweet as warm apple pie.

CAMERON:  …You still here?

KIMMIE:  What’s wrong?

CAMERON:  Just took one to the jaw.

KIMMIE:  What happened?

CAMERON:  Not important.  I’ll live.

KIMMIE:  (Looking around the yard.)  Outside looks just as bad as inside.

CAMERON:  Yeah, everythin’ trashed?

KIMMIE:  I tried to tidy up some.

CAMERON:  Thanks..why?

KIMMIE:  Because.

Kimmie gives Cameron a shoulder massage.

Cameron moves away from her.

CAMERON:  I have to get some things together.

KIMMIE:  You said I could stay a while.

CAMERON:  ..Did I?

KIMMIE:  Mm-hmm.

CAMERON:  ..I was drunk Kimmie.

KIMMIE:  But you said I could stay.

CAMERON:  ..You can’t.


CAMERON:  Can’t have you here.

KIMMIE:  But, why?

CAMERON:  Cause I’m engaged.

KIMMIE:  Engaged with what?

CAMERON:  To be married.

KIMMIE (Flirting.):  You weren’t married last night.

CAMERON:  You really need to go.

KIMMIE:  I don’t want to leave.

CAMERON:  Don’t you have a home?



KIMMIE:  No, I don’t.

CAMERON:  Well, where in hell did you come from then?

KIMMIE:  I fell here, like an angel.

CAMERON:  Listen, Kim, Kim…I’m really sorry but you need to leave because I — the party’s over.

KIMMIE:  But you told me you loved me.

CAMERON:  What??

KIMMIE:  Said you wanted to be with me.

CAMERON:  And you believed me?

KIMMIE:  I feel the same way as you do.



CAMERON (gently):  Where can you go cause you can’t stay here.

KIMMIE:  I don’t understand.

CAMERON:  Last night, I was out of my head, okay?  I mean I was…it was the f’n circus for me last night –

KIMMIE:  It was so much fun Cammie!

CAMERON:  Yes, but –

KIMMIE:  Was beautiful!  Cotton candy!  Clowns, jugglers! (Laughs.) The fireworks! –

CAMERON:  KIMMIE!  …Please, what I’m tryin’ to say is – what I need to tell you is that I can’t have you here no more. If I said the things you tol’ me I said to you last night, well, I didn’t mean ’em.  Maybe in the moment, I got carried away, was feelin’ high as hell, told you I loved you and that stuff, but that, that was in the heat of the moment kind of thing like, it wasn’t what I really feel about you, it was – we were caught up in that moment and the moment was real, I’m sure the moment was real, you’re a nice girl and all but that’s all it was, that’s all it will ever be…a moment between us Kim and that’s the end of it.  I don’t wanna hurt you or offend you or — I’m sorry if I — I didn’t mean to make what we were feelin’ more than what it was…so, I take it back, I don’t love you, I don’t, and believe me when I tell you, you sure as hell don’t love me, trust me, you think you do but you don’t…now I got get some things on track ’round here, I gotta get back to Trishelle – you know this now, I gotta organize this mess, it’s all a mess, we’re gettin’ married Kim, you understand?  Can’t have you ’round here no more.

KIMMIE:  I never said I loved you, Cameron.

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The Goldfish by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, ‘The Goldfish’ Cameron’s life has completely fallen apart.  His best friend Hunter gives him a final warning regarding the loss of his inheritance, the loss of his job and possibly the loss of the  woman he’s supposed to marry.  All of this occurs in the early morning hours, in the aftermath of a circus party at Cameron’s mobile home and property.  Things get even more complicated with Kimmie, the hula hoop performer that is certain Cameron loves her.  Drama.  2 Women, 2 Men.  

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