Becca’s Brother

Becca’s Brother is a short dramatic script between two friends who have fled the scene of a fight at a nearby bar.  Dramatic.  2 Men.

Becca’s Brother

McDonald’s Parking Lot. Early Morning Hours.

PESTO and SANDWICK stand beside a car having a smoke.

Sandwick: I mean it’s unbelievable man. When you clocked that guy maaaan, my mind was blown! It was blown! Dude was launched through the air like he was on a game show challenge and answered the wrong question. Was like a bah-bye.

Pesto: I told ’em, I told ’em to back off. Boy wouldn’t listen to me. I practically begged ’em.

Sandwick: Man, the way he came at you and when your fist connected with his jaw and you launched him back through the air like that…I ain’t never seen nothin’ like that in all my damn years. I been around long enough to know that boy scout was seeing little birdies around his head man. Ha ha!

Pesto: I didn’t want to hit ’em.

Sandwick: You shoulda went into boxing or the MMA or something man. Damn!

Pesto: I wish I didn’t have to take it to him like that.

Sandwick: What you sayin? That dude deserved it. He was bumpin’ into you all night long. No excuse me, pardon me, NOTHIN’. Just kept rollin’ those elbows into you and we kept movin’ over and over and over and then it was like we had no more room to move over and the nerve man, the nerve of this guy confrontin’ you like you was the one bumpin’ into HIM all night. I could not believe—I almost hit ’em at that point myself.

Pesto: He was a big guy.

Sandwick: I think they still looking for where he landed!

Pesto: I’m glad it’s over with but I, I don’t know…

Sandwick: Yo, you still hungry? Wanna grab more grub?

Pesto: I’m full.  I gotta get up early for work tomorrow so—

Sandwick: It’s Saturday, bro.

Pesto: Yeah but they called me in. Covering for a friend.

Sandwick: Alright man…well, I guess you can just drop me off at the crib but do you mind if I get some more fries real quick?

Pesto: It’s cool man.

Sandwick: Hungry as all hell.

Pesto: No problem.

Sandwick: Hey, you alright? What’s up?

Pesto: I think I recognized the guy.

Sandwick: The guy you slugged?

Pesto: Yeah. I think it was Becca’s younger brother.

Sandwick: Becca who? OH, Becca, yes, Be–HOLY SHIT man, I think you’re right.
Pesto: Yeah. Had I recognized him sooner—

Sandwick: Well he didn’t recognize us, neither.

Pesto: I thought I knew him from somewhere but I didn’t make the connection till now.

Sandwick: Ohhhh shit.

Pesto: And I like Becca. She was always good to me in school. Her brother looks totally different. He got so big. I remember him walkin’ home with us after school, always taggin’ along.

Sandwick: He was always a little runt.

Pesto: Was he?

Sandwick: Can’t tell you how many times I wanted to kick that kid.

Pesto: No shit?

Sandwick: He was always so loud and wild.

Pesto: I don’t remember him like that.

Sandwick: Yeah, man. Pain in the ass he was. I’m glad you clocked ’em good.

Pesto: Wait a sec, did you recognize him?

Sandwick: I wasn’t exactly sure.

Pesto: But did it cross your mind?

Sandwick: Come on man, who cares?

Pesto: You recognized him, didn’t you?

Sandwick: So what? He had it coming to ’em.

Pesto: You should have told me. You should have called him out and told him who we were. All that shit could have been avoided.

Sandwick: I wasn’t sure at the time.

Pesto: But you had a hunch, right?

Sandwick: Well–

Pesto: Well nothin’ man. Should have told me something. You could have stopped the whole thing. You wanted to see him get hit. I never would have hit ’em had I known he was Becca’s brother.

Sandwick: Dude, the guy was elbowing you all night.

Pesto: The place was cramped.

Sandwick: You still hit ’em.

Pesto: Because he was about to make a move is all.

Sandwick: So there you go.

Pesto: I feel like absolute shit about this now.

Sandwick: Who cares? Don’t matter if we knew the guy or not, he deserved to get smashed in his big round face.

Pesto: You waited. You knew who he was and you waited for shit to escalate because you wanted to see him hurt and you used me.

Sandwick: What the hell has gotten into your head man—

Pesto: You should have told me.

Sandwick: We’ve had bar fights before.

Pesto: It was Becca’s brother! That kid looked up to me growing up. I taught him how to fish cause he ain’t ever had a father so I sort of took him under my wing with a few things cause I liked his sister and he wasn’t a bad kid. (beat) Shit, it’s been so many years…wearing a beard and everything…looked nothing like what I remember him being like.

Sandwick: Screw ’em.

Pesto: Man why you gotta be like that all the time?

Sandwick: Is it that important?

Pesto: You think he recognized me?

Sandwick: I don’t think he’s gonna be recognizing anybody next few days.

Pesto: I’m serious. When I pushed back to take my swing at him our eyes connected and for a split second I thought I recognized his eyes and I felt like he recognized mine but it was already too late cause I was in full motion and–oh man, I think he knows.

Sandwick: And? Look man, you only taught him another valuable lesson, bar etiquette. A man shouldn’t be bumping and elbowing another man on a regular basis. It’s not cool. Once or twice, okay, it’s forgivable but a series of times, I don’t think so.

Pesto: Becca’s gonna find out.

Sandwick: You don’t wanna let this go, do ya?

Pesto: She’s gonna know it was me that did that to her brother and she’s gonna think things about it.

Sandwick: Think what? You sounded—

Pesto: We dated man. We had a thing. I ain’t never told you…we had a thing, a big thing that only her and I knew about and she’s gonna think this was intentional cause of our history. You get it?

Sandwick: Was it?

Pesto: Was it what?

Sandwick: Intentional. Here you are blaming me for not telling you but maybe all along you weren’t telling yourself.

Pesto: I told you—

Sandwick: I bet you already had your own hunch about who he was long before you punched him out.


Well? Did you?

Pesto: It’s hard to say, I had a few in me already when he—

Sandwick: That’s why your ass feels so bad. This was an opportunity to settle the score and you took it.

Pesto: No way.

Sandwick: Subconsciously man. Subconsciously you saw this nut and wanted to shatter your past with one good whammo.

Pesto: I was too messed up to know for sure.

Sandwick: I know your ass my whole life partner, I call it as I see it. Tonight was more than just some random punch. My question is, what happened between you and Becca?

Pesto: That’s another story for another time man.

Sandwick: Why ain’t you ever told me?

Pesto: Some things are better left unsaid.


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