Becca’s Brother

In short drama script, “Becca’s Brother”, Pesto comes to the realization that the guy he punched at the bar he knew as a little kid.



PESTO and SANDWICK stand beside a car having a smoke.

SANDWICK:  I mean it’s unbelievable man. When you clocked that guy maaaan, my mind was blown! It was blown! Dude was launched through the air like he was on a game show challenge and answered the wrong question. Was like a bah-bye.

PESTO:  I told ’em, I told ’em to back off. Boy wouldn’t listen to me. I practically begged ’em.

SANDWICK:  Man, the way he came at you and when your fist connected with his jaw, and you launched him back through the air like that…I ain’t never seen nothin’ like that in all my damn years. I been around long enough to know that boy scout was seeing little birdies around his head man. Ha ha!

PESTO:  I didn’t want to hit ’em.

SANDWICK:  You shoulda went into boxing or the MMA or something man. Damn!

PESTO:  I wish I didn’t have to take it to him like that.

SANDWICK: What you sayin? That dude deserved it. He was bumpin’ into you all night long. No excuse me, pardon me, NOTHIN’. Just kept rollin’ those elbows into you and we kept movin’ over and over and over and then it was like we had no more room to move over and the nerve man, the nerve of that guy confrontin’ you like you was the one bumpin’ into HIM all night. I could not believe—I almost hit ’em at that point myself.

PESTO:  He was a big guy.

SANDWICK:  I think they still looking for where he landed!

PESTO:  I’m glad it’s over with, but I, I don’t know…

SANDWICK:  Yo, you still hungry? Wanna grab more grub?

PESTO:  I’m full. I gotta get up early for work tomorrow, so—

SANDWICK:  It’s Saturday, bro.

PESTO:  Yeah, but they called me in. Covering for a friend.

SANDWICK:  Alright man…well, I guess you can just drop me off at the crib, but do you mind if I get some more fries real quick?

PESTO:  It’s cool man.

SANDWICK:  Hungry as all hell.

PESTO:  No problem.

SANDWICK:  Hey, you alright? What’s up?

PESTO:  I think I recognized the guy.

SANDWICK:  The guy you slugged?

PESTO:  Yeah. I think it was Becca’s younger brother.

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Becca's Brother by Joseph ArnoneIn the short drama script, “Becca’s Brother”, Pesto begins to have second thoughts about the violent physical encounter he had with a guy at a bar.  2 Men. Drama.

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