Grace Period

In Grace Period, Ralphy tries to calm his friend Burt down because he’s freaking out over work and the pandemic they are in.  Serio-comedy.

RALPHY: Will you stop shouting? I think you’re getting out of control. You’re not thinking things through effectively, you gotta be effective and right now you sound like a panicked lunatic waving your arms around in the street with a red towel. Breathe. Just breathe, alright? Numb your nuts there numbnuts. I’ll get my check, believe me, I’ll get my check. If I have to go out incognito and locate the bastards I will and believe me, I’ll get my check. Boom! Paid! Good for the rest of the year! Ain’t nobody gonna take my money and listen, if you’re down and out, I got you, I’ll hook you up bro, you gotta chill, you’re always too hot and bothered, learn to be more calm when under pressure. I was built for this kind of thing. Look at me…relaxed, calm, thoughtful…you, you’re out of control, you’re lettin’ the edge get to ya and I’m saying, NO…NO…and if our landlords wanna throw us out, let ’em throw us out and watch what I do to this hotbox anyway…I’ll blow the whole thing up…got my buddy Frank, he’s got grenades, alright, he’ll give me one a them and off we go, BA DA BOOM! Goodbye! Adios! Sayonara! We’re out. We’ll go to your mother’s house until we find a new place. That’s all.

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Grace PeriodIn this one-act ePlay, Burt and Ralphy are stuck inside their apartment waiting for checks and losing work while bills pile up during a great pandemic.  Serio-Comedy.  2 Men.

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