Another Bit of Light

In Another Bit of Light, Lisa wishes she had children but due to financial problems with her husband her wish might not come true.

LISA:  Kids are very impressionable. When I was little I remember the smallest thing. Maybe I was extra emotional or sensitive but whenever something serious took place in my home, I remembered every detail. For instance, when my Momma received the phone call that my Granddaddy died, we were in the kitchen and I was eating macaroni and cheese and she leaned up against the kitchen counter, right in front of the sink and her whole body slumped over in sadness. I went over to her and pulled on her dress and she rubbed my head and smiled and somehow I felt like I shouldn’t worry as much, but later on I understood what she must have felt and how strong she was to keep it from me in that moment of shock. I guess I learned how not to show pain from her.

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Another Bit of Light by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Another Bit of Light, Lisa admits her inner struggles to her husband after an argument over an accident sets the stage for why they haven’t had children.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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