Come With Me, Back Home

Come With Me, Back Home is a female drama monologue taken from the one-act play of the same name. 2-3 minute dramatic piece for an actress.

Mom is drunk and at a bar when her teenage son arrives to take her back home.

MOM: He’ll play a whole album after that. (she laughs) Go home! Just like your father, stubborn as a mule. Goes in one ear and out your ass!

Mom laughs out-loud at her own humor.

Go home before you and me get into a barroom brawl! (Mom holds up her fists and chuckles) I still got it, kid. One, two, one, two. My father taught me so well I used to kick the sh’t out of all those dirty boys back in high school. They never saw me coming. Bah! Right to the nose. Bah! Right to the eye. They didn’t nickname me Tough Tina for nothing. One time I got jumped in the locker room by, must have been ten girls. They hated me this bunch. Hated me! And we went at it. I fought them all. Fierce! Hard! But they overtook me son, they got me squished between the wall and a locker and they proceeded to bash my face with the locker door and that was it. BUT, and I’ll never forget this as long as I live…you see, I was a determined b***h. I was angry. I wanted my revenge. It took me one full year, one by one, I found each one of those girls and I kicked the sh’t out of them. One by one, by themselves. They weren’t so tough without their group. On the last girl, that was how I met your father…imagine? Right outside the ice-cream parlor. I dragged Luella Beans, I’ll never forget her name, big girl, but not big enough to be pulled over the counter, your mother was strong back then and I went to work on her but your father got in the middle of it and broke us up and that’s when we got to talking. I told him my story and all about why I was doing what I was doing and I don’t know, something clicked between us, felt like I was talking to someone I already knew. There was such ease, it was so easy to talk to him…I still talk to him, he hears me, I know he hears me…I feel him listening sometimes…

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Come With Me Back Home by Joseph Arnone

In this one-act ePlay, Daz arrives at a local bar to convince his mother to go back home with him.  She won’t leave until a musician plays a song on his guitar but the musician refuses to play.

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