Down For The Cause

In Down For The Cause, Joselly expresses her unhappiness to her boss Willa over the fact that she has no time for her own personal projects.

JOSELLY: I didn’t know it would be twenty-four seven. You are always on. I didn’t know I’d get phone calls from you at like four in the morning, with some hot new idea you’ve just come up with.

I’m all for what you’re doing, I totally have your back and you know that, but it’s getting me sick…I’m literally, physically getting sick from how hard we’re grinding.

And you have me wearing so many hats, which I know I agreed to cause again, I’m down for the cause, but I had no idea things would get this overwhelming. Even with the team I’ve been managing to help alleviate the workflow, it’s—I’m constantly bombarded with questions and it sometimes feels like babysitting, rather than any form of solid help.

Some days I wake up and I’m already wide awake and I have this burning sensation at the side of my head, I get shortness of breath and this, this, this panic comes over me and I can’t think, I can’t move, I can’t function.

Does that make any sense for someone my age? I’m too young to feel as I do and I want this, I really want this, but you—I’m, I’m having second thoughts. Is everything I’m doing for you worth the sacrifice?

I know we’re succeeding, we’re winning, but when is enough ever going to be enough?

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Down For The CauseIn this one-act ePlay, Joselly shares her reality with her boss of never having any personal time to build her own projects, but her honesty may not have been the best choice.

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