Dragonfly Whispers

In Dragonfly Whispers, Flora continues hearing sounds she describes as dragonflies coming from behind her kitchen wall.

FLORA: It was ah, a creaking noise, footsteps…like dragonfly whispers…heard them walking back and forth all morning, listening…they listen to us, listen to everything…I almost went into the shed to get your hammer because I wanted to give them a great big BOP on the head.

NORMAN laughs.

Right through that paper thin wall…BOP! And I’d reach in with my arm and I’d take hold of its little wings and pull it right in through the wall and I’d say, “What are you listening to?!” “Park your nosy ass in someone else’s house!” That’s what I’d say. Hopefully it’d get the point, hopefully it’d tell all of them to stop bothering us and let us be for awhile…we deserve our own inner peace, don’t we?  We’ve worked hard..long enough for our own little bit of peace…

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Dragonfly Whispers by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Dragonfly Whispers, Flora suffers from delusion and her husband Norman does his absolute best to go along with her for the ride for love, protection and concern.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.  

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