Cracks In Stone

In Cracks In Stone, Bethany digs in her heels with her husband for developing harmful theories about their marriage and their daughter.

BETHANY:  I have told you again and again that this is all in your mind. You have been asking me the same question in various forms for months now and it is you, you who are the one that has altered one’s image of our family and I advise you to get a handle of yourself and put back the stone that has gone out of place.

There is nothing more I can do or say to you that I haven’t already. To think that you can even imagine our daughter to have a different father. Are you mad? Have you no sense of decency, to expel such impure thoughts, August? What establishment have you stepped out from to have the gaul to make such claims? Our daughter was conceived by YOU and I, not some phantom from which you’ve been haunted by…and how? All from a misunderstanding, a mere humor, an insignificant flirtation between us, did you begin to weave your plot as if your mind were poisoned from me and now you will do nothing but leave me alone with it!

You stand before me, a man fixated on beliefs that do not exist and I must not ever permit you to send her off, not to some institution because you are ashamed to look at her…how dare you?! No, she will remain here and continue to be brought up with the values we’ve instilled…she is your daughter Augustine, make no mistake…she is yours!

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Cracks In Stone by Joseph ArnoneCracks In Stone is a gripping one act eplay about a crumbling family unit due to misunderstandings, lies, manipulation and blame.  1 Woman, 1 Man. Drama/Period Drama.

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