I Don’t Want Another Dumb Argument

Two sisters who haven’t seen one another try to patch up their relationship in this drama scene taken from one-act eplay, Four Summers Ago.

EVANDRA: Who’s drunk? I’m not drunk. Where am I drunk?

SALENE: I’m going to—

EVANDRA: No! Stay outside here with me and let’s talk calmly. K?

SALENE: I don’t want another dumb argument.

EVANDRA: Fine. No dumb arguments…deal. (pause.) Why did you call me a failure?

SALENE: I don’t even remember.

EVANDRA: I do. Clear as day, I do.

SALENE: We call each other names all the time.

EVANDRA: This was different. This was extra.

SALENE: Extra?

EVANDRA: This was seasoned. You added some spice on top of what was served.

SALENE: Like I said, I’m sure you—

EVANDRA: Think back and tell me the truth. Please, please, someone in this family needs to speak some Goddamn truth before I melt away and die.

SALENE: Whenever anyone ever tries to tell you something openly and honestly, you can’t handle it.

EVANDRA: Because it’s always with a vengeance.

SALENE: Whoever said truth was easy?

EVANDRA: Why did you sucker punch me on the phone, four summers ago?

SALENE: Was it four summers ago?

EVANDRA: Salene!

SALENE: …Damn you, Evandra…you weren’t there for me when I needed you most.

EVANDRA: When did you need me most?

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