Do you think he will hate me forever?

In this short scene from one-act eplay, “No Goodbye”, Ally and Bob are having a breakup, trying to decide who will take their dog Dutch.

BOB: …I’m sorry.

ALLY: No, you’re not.

BOB: I am.

ALLY: Don’t you think I want to take Dutchie home with me?

BOB: I do.

ALLY: I love him.

BOB: I know you do.

ALLY: I don’t want to abandon him.

BOB: Of course you don’t.

ALLY: I have no choice Bob!

BOB: (Sighs.) Maybe he can crash by you on the weekends.

ALLY: Nooo, that wouldn’t work.

BOB: Why not?

ALLY: ‘Cause then I’ll have to see your face every weekend, and we can’t go back there.

BOB: We can’t?

Ally makes a face.

Okay. (Pause.) You warm enough?

ALLY: I’m fine.

Bob removes his scarf.

BOB: Take this, it’s getting cold.

ALLY: Supposed to be getting warm.

BOB: The weather plays tricks on us.

ALLY: I don’t want your scarf.

BOB: Will you just take it, please?

Ally takes it. Ally wraps the scarf around her neck.

Ally looks down at Dutch.

ALLY: He looks sad.

BOB: Does he?

ALLY: His eyes are watery.

BOB: No, that’s, I don’t think he slept well last night –

ALLY: He knows I’m leaving him.

BOB: ..He does.

ALLY: I never meant to hurt him.

BOB: ..He knows.

ALLY: Do you think he will hate me forever?

BOB: No.

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No Goodbye by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay No Goodbye, Bob and Ally have broken up and wait for Ally’s bus to arrive at the station.  They are both torn over who their beloved dog Dutch should live with.  1 Woman, 1 Man and a dog.  Serio-comedy.

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