Be calm cause she’s sensitive

A comedic scene wherein a brother comes to the aid of another and gets introduced to an eccentric artist from “Tina, Hank, Hank, Tina.’

MARV: Here comes Tina.


MARV: Shh. Tina, I want you to meet Tina.

HANK: …Tina?

MARV: Yeah, yeah. Be calm cause she’s sensitive. The slightest negative mood sets her off on a whirlwind of sadness and gloom. Takes days to snap her out of it. (to Tina) Tina, baby, how are you?

TINA: Hi, Marv. This your brother?

MARV: You betcha. Tina, Hank, Hank, Tina.


TINA: Hi, Hank.


MARV: Tina’s an artist.

HANK: Oh, is she?

MARV: Oh, yeah. She a great one, too.

TINA: Oh, Marv, stop.

MARV: I wouldn’t say it if it wasn’t true. Her work is going to be in the museum some day.

HANK: (sarcastically) Which museum is that?

MARV: Well, all of ’em.

TINA: (laughs)

HANK: Great.

MARV: Thought you two should meet. I have to go. Got a meeting with Ellis and can’t be late.

HANK: Ellis?

MARV: Won’t be more than an hour.

HANK: Didn’t you need me to be with you for Ellis?

MARV: Nope. Need you to entertain Tina while I’m gone.

HANK: But on the phone, didn’t you specifically say that my reason for coming over here was because you –

MARV: Now, now, Hank, plans change. Go for a stroll with Tina, get to know one another. Ellis and me will do just fine. If Tina likes you, she’ll paint you. Ain’t that right, Tina?

TINA: Anything’s possible.

MARV: Be back in no time!

Marv jumps on the horse and rides off.

Hank awkwardly smiles at Tina.

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