Ice Cream From a Window

In Ice Cream From a Window, Cathy talks to her friend Barbra about her daughter and husband while on the verge of a mental breakdown.

CATHY: I’ve always hated my child. Don’t look so shocked Barb, I’m simply stating what I feel into words…whenever someone puts something into words, it becomes a phony surprise by the other person as not to reveal their own true feelings; like the person overhearing has never…HA! Crock! Only difference is verbalization. Shh! Shh! Live in quiet pain. What should we do, continue to mask our deepest feelings? What good will that bring to anybody? Hmm. Well, I guess some good…I guess some things should be blurted out and other things kept in denial, but who is to say which is which and when? I feel just fine stating how I feel about my daughter this second…I hate her. (rapidly) I hate her, I hate her, I hate her. There. It’s spoken. (observing) Don’t get sad. Don’t get down. It’s freeing. I feel uplifted…(taking a breath) Where does it say that we must love our children? Obviously, it is the natural progression of things…woman becomes pregnant, nine months later baby is born, mother loves baby and they live happily ever after…NO ONE TALKS ABOUT THE AGONY! …Yes? We pretend it doesn’t exist. We encourage others to give the gift of life…but, no one admits the absolute abuse that comes between the smiles and the giggles. (beat) I should have died. I should have died giving birth…I was supposed to die…I wanted to die…I tried to die but I didn’t, I didn’t die.

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Ice Cream From a Window by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Ice Cream From a Window Cathy meets her friend Barbra as a last-ditch effort to avoid having a complete mental breakdown.  2 Women.  Drama.  

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