A Lifetime Supply of Sunshine

In A Lifetime Supply of Sunshine, Mr. P. familiarizes himself with Lara and Ed’s home and gives his perspective on the fragility inside it.

MR. P: It’s a warm home, isn’t it? A place where a person feels safe, secure, never to expect the kind of tragedy life could throw at it…as it is what we call it..home. The tricks we become accustomed to, are what keeps us here. There are so many disturbances that take place around the world, accidents, acts of violence, an unforeseen circumstance that can change a life forever. A home is where we spend most of our time, it seems. Where we try to relax and be our true selves, say the things we wish to say, do the things we wish to do, behave in the ways that the outside world will never get to witness. Our homes aren’t as great as we assume them to be…we don’t often take the kind of notice we should take, of our own self-confinement. In some ways a home acts as a signpost to the passersby that says what we wish for it to say about who we are; when all we are is what we are. Don’t you think?

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A Lifetime Supply of Sunshine by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, “A Lifetime Supply of Sunshine”, a man who goes by the name Mr. P knocks on Lara and Ed’s door to offer them a warning about a natural disaster approaching their town in Galveston, Texas, in the year 1900.  Drama/Period Drama/Magical Realism.

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