Head In The Clouds

In Head In The Clouds, DRIZZLE talks to Frank about how he needs to start managing his life better and start taking work more seriously for his future.

Drizzle:  Come on man, when you gonna learn your trade?!  Five years you been working in the company and you still don’t know how to snake out a line properly.

How many pipes you break this month?  Yeah, how many?  Huh?  THREE. Three pipes, Frank.  Three and one toilet bowl.  I didn’t forget the toilet bowl.

I can’t keep covering for you like this man.  You’re killing me ova here.  You never get the customer to sign the insurance sheet and it’s stacking up.  You’re too reckless.

Your father…oh man, if your father knew half the sh’t, he’d get rid of you.  I’m telling you, I know your father a very long time.  Doesn’t matter if you’re his son, he will fire your ass off the block.

What is it with you though?  Why can’t you get it right?  By now, you should be snaking out a line with your toes.  You should be leaving toilet bowls polished, not cracked.  You follow?

One day you’re supposed to be the one who’s gonna take over the business…am I right?  How you gonna take things over if you’re a screwball?  You can’t be that way in this line of work kid, you just can’t, I’m sorry.


Listen kid, I know you have good intentions and you try but you need to really commit.  Listen, I know you have your head in the clouds thinking about girls and going out partying but you need to start smelling the salt, okay?  Wake up!

There’s guys in this outfit that would love to be in your shoes.  They would kill for it, literally.  You have such a terrific opportunity.  Don’t blow it.  Please.  Don’t go down schmuck boulevard, okay?

You’re young but you won’t be young forever.  Start taking responsibility now while you still can.

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In this one-act play, Drizzle talks to Frank about how he needs to exercise better responsibility at work but soon discovers that Frank has other plans for his future. 

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