To The Wolves

In To The Wolves, Sally opens up to her best friend about how she can’t keep up with her bills and how her career is leading to dead-ends.

SALLY:  I’ve been busting my ass, trying to get a job and it’s absolute torture. I have student debt falling out of my ass and no way to pay it off because they won’t hire me. I’ve sent out thousands, you hear me, thousands, thousands of resumes for every job that doesn’t even come close enough to my skill-set and at best I get those cheesy phone interviews with no follow up. When I try to follow up I get the cold shoulder and a million and one excuses like, ‘We’ve decided to put our hiring on hold’ or ‘We’re going to revisit this in six months’ or ‘We’ve decided to go with someone else but we will keep you in our database’. On and on and it’s so lame, so draining. And yeah, you wanna judge me, which is what you’re doing, judging me for living my life and loosening up a bit! I’ve been too exhausted to clean up this apartment, which I can barely pay each month and I’m falling, falling into this dark feeling that nothing is gonna get better and so I drink a bit of wine, so I can breathe! Will you lend me the lousy five-hundred dollars or do I have to beg and feel like more of a failure than I already am?

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To The Wolves by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay To The Wolves,  Kim visits her longtime friend Sally, who is desperate to borrow money to pay her rent and when the two get talking, Sally’s whole situation gets revealed with Kim left to do what she can to try and help her out as best she can.  2 Women.  Drama.

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