Hurts When It Rains

In Hurts When It Rains, Frank tries to defend himself to his brother as to why he had to pay off his debt and that he wants to get married to Sandra.

FRANK: I would have looked like a donkey, alright, a Goddamn donkey! And I hate her brother, it was him that got her hooked on the stuff. God I hate his guts. I wasn’t gonna let him hang something over my head boy, no, no, no, not ME, not HIM, never! I paid him, with interest, and now I’m the better man for it, I get looked at as someone dependable and, and Sandra, she’s all over me now Salve, she loves me and I was thinking of gettin’ married cause she’s so beautiful and kind and, she’s got her flaws but I think I love her, well, I know I love her and before you try and stop me with one of your big brother speeches, just know that this is what I want…for me, I deserve this and you have to let me have it, cause you’re my brother and that’s what I want…okay?

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Hurts When It Rains MiniIn the one-act ePlay Hurts When It Rains, Salve visits his brother at his apartment in order to have him sent to a drug rehab and break up with the woman he’s been seeing.  This genre is Crime and is a Period Piece.  2 Men.

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