Spitfire Gene

In Spitfire Gene, Boris shares a moment with his daughter about how she reminds him of her deceased mother in all her rage and beauty.

BORIS: I know what you meant sweetheart, I ain’t mad at ya. I’m trying to set a good example for you is all. Don’t you think I’d like to knock them boys out cold? Don’t you think I can? Hmm…maybe I can’t, I am getting on some…ha…but, I’d do anything for you, anything, but to waste our evening on a few no good goons is pointless to the memory this day has given me…you’ve made me the proudest father that ever walked this here planet. Looking so glamorous in your gown; you remind me of your mother..spittin’ image of her; and you were blessed with her valor, always a bit much for me to handle, I admit, but we always worked. You were born with the same spitfire gene she had and it’s almost like a secret power, but you need to learn to harness that power and use it when absolutely necessary, like a superhero…you like superheroes, don’t ya?

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Spitfire Gene by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay Spitfire Gene Boris tries to keep his daughter from reacting poorly to a small group of teenage guys harassing her during a wedding reception event.  1 Woman, 4 Men.  Drama.

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