13 Dramatic Monologues for All Ages

13 Dramatic Monologues for All Ages.  Topics include school pressure, affection, haunted past, responsibility, romance, hope and laziness.

13 Dramatic Monologues for All Ages

  1. Something Else Takes Over – Taliya talks to her friend about her battle with her temper with her loved ones.
  2. Treat me Nice – Corinne talks to her mother about how she is never good to her and wishes they were close.
  3. My Heart Drops But Comes Back Again – this is good for a man or woman and is about an inner conflict with your past and present self.
  4. I’m Not Who I Used To Be – Billy does his best to explain to his cousin that he never gave up on his dreams.
  5. This Means A Great Deal To Me – Haley is on vacation with her family and is having the worst time ever.
  6. Before I Give Out – Perla feels the pressure of college and isn’t sure if she can handle the pressure it all brings.
  7. The Waters At My Chin But I’m Still Breathing – Chuck talks to his buddy at a bar about how he stresses over taking care of his family.
  8. Traffic and a Flat Tire – Lervina is responsible for her friend’s party but the DJ is going to be VERY late to kick things off.
  9. My Current State of Existence – Journee is trying to heal herself from her past.
  10. Get Your Affairs In Order and Part Ways – Antonella doesn’t want her daughter dating a particular man and in this monologue she bribes him with money.
  11. Can Movie Romance Really Happen For Me? – Iris talks about how she doesn’t want to get married and have kids unless it’s truly special.
  12. My Own Little Lazy World – Hazel is living a hermit styled life and although she claims happiness, deep down she is unfulfilled.
  13. Eight Ways Out of Last Tuesday – Brenda wishes to get her lazy son off the couch and to work immediately.


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