In drama monologue “Cleo”, Cleo wishes for her cousin Philippe to protect her as she believes people are out to kill her.

CLEO: All of them! They wish to take possession of me, change me, and make me obey their desires. I admit I have a fragile mind, but I am all too aware of their plotting. There is also a killer in me, and I won’t be taken! If I am to die, it will be by my own hand! Death would be my only escape in that case.

PHILIPPE: Dear, dear, you mustn’t speak in this tongue.

CLEO: I am so busy learning to walk and talk all over again, for fear that they will hear me. The greater the effort I give, the deeper I sink. It’s taken hold of me, this smell of death, digging its fangs into my flesh, thrashing me about, till there is nothing left of me. It’s planned, all planned out for me this way. Shh! (whispering) Listen..listen here, my drink..they are see? Look at the color of their blood. They have lost their minerals. You! YOU must prepare my breakfast, lunches, and dinners. Henrietta is trying to kill me. I sense the darkness in her very being, but I am planning something particular for her, mind you. I am not going anywhere. I dwell in these shadows, Philippe. I, as weak as I might look, and as frail as I’ve become, am the dark that fill these nights. I hear what’s being spoken; I hear their voices; I hear them all the way from across the forest, and I will not stand for it. If they wish to take me, let them take me down a trail they will forever regret.

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Cleo by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “CLEO”, Cleo confides in her beloved cousin Philippe to protect her for fear that she will soon be murdered by those eager to take over her estate and personal assets.  2 Women, 2 Men.  Drama.

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