I did something I shouldn’ta done.

In the drama scene from, “Man in the Picture Frame” Wilma challenges Jarott to confess to her what he did wrong and offers him a deal.

Jarott starts to leave.

Jarott exits and slams the door.

Wilma fixes herself a drink and sits calmly.

After a moment there’s a timid knock on her door. Another timid knock is quickly followed after the first.

WILMA: What d’you want?

JAROTT: Let me back in.

WILMA: F’k off!

JAROTT: Come on! (Beat.) Open the door! (Beat.) Please, I can’t go back out there.

WILMA: Why not?

JAROTT: Cause they’re..If you let me in I’ll explain it all to ya.

WILMA: F’k off!

JAROTT: PLEASE! (Knocks harder.) Please, please, open up! I can’t go out there!!!

WILMA: I’ll give you one second to get going on your story or I’m calling the cops.

Wilma opens the door and Jarott enters aggressively.

Jarott goes straight for the weed and takes a huge hit. He sits and tries to relax.

Wilma sits across from him.

JAROTT: I did something I shouldn’ta done. It’s my temper. I’ve always had a bad temper. I’ve always had this, this impulse problem. This, this reaction – fast! I wrestle to contain it but when things get past a certain point, I react, I react a lot faster than I can keep up with. You see? I react before I can get a handle on it. I’ve been lucky, many times, many times I’ve been lucky, so lucky that I thought I was just one of them lucky ones, right? But tonight it finally got me, it took a good chunk out a me and now I, yeah, I’m on the run, right? You listenin’? I’m on the run! I can’t go back. Two blocks from here I did something there’s no coming back from. And it’s over. I can’t go anywhere near it and I can’t fix it. It’s done. Now, you, miss, you gonna ask me again or you gonna sit there on your throne and make me go back out there?

WILMA: You could stay here for a bit.

JAROTT: That’s, that’s nice of ya.

WILMA: Could use the company for a bit.

JAROTT: Don’t you care enough to ask what I done?

WILMA: No. Not really, no. Cigarette?

Jarott nods no.

Wilma sparks her cig.

You could stay here. In exchange for something…

JAROTT: Like what?

WILMA: To do with me.

JAROTT: What’s that?

WILMA: Love.

JAROTT: What?!

WILMA: Like love! Making love to me.

JAROTT: You crazy?! You’re a crazy woman, aren’t ya? That what you ARE?!

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Man in the Picture Frame by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, “Man in the Picture Frame”, Jarott is invited into Wilma’s apartment when she notices he is on the run.  The two strangers quickly find themselves tied up in a possible deal.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Drama.

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