Sun will rise soon enough…

Drama scene from the one-act eplay, “Curves of the Future” Scarlet has a change of heart, choosing a more adventurous life choice.

Scarlet slowly hangs up the phone. She takes a few steps away from the phone booth.

KELSEY: You good?

SCARLET: Uh-huh. (beat) You get my –

KELSEY: Snickers, yeah. I got it.

SCARLET: Give it here.

Kelsey hands her snickers. Scarlet unwraps it and takes a bite.

Hmm. Craving. (beat) You like the name Gerry…with a G?

KELSEY: It’s cool.

SCARLET: Think I wanna name our baby, Gerry.

KELSEY: If it’s a boy?

SCARLET: Or a girl.

KELSEY: I like it.


KELSEY: Bus is about to pull off, Scar.

SCARLET: I don’t want that bus.


SCARLET: I don’t like that bus.

KELSEY: What are you saying?

SCARLET: Let’s take a different bus.

KELSEY: We’re halfway to our destination.


KELSEY: This is only a pit stop. We need to push on.

SCARLET: Let’s change where we’re headed.

KELSEY: What for?

SCARLET: Let’s go to New York or Los Angeles!

KELSEY: Have you lost your mind?

SCARLET: Why settle?

KELSEY: Why in God’s name do you want to –

SCARLET: Because it’s better!

KELSEY: We have to get back on the bus, Scarlet!


KELSEY: Scarlet!!

SCARLET: I’m not going.

KELSEY: Why are you doing this?!

SCARLET: Because I’ll die if I get on that bus!

KELSEY: Is there something wrong with that bus?

SCARLET: No! There’s something wrong with me!

KELSEY: But we have it all figured out, don’t we? My brother’s got a job waiting for me and we’ll build from there, it’s our way out.

SCARLET: There has to be another way out.

KELSEY: There isn’t.

SCARLET: I’ll find one.

Bus is heard driving by.

KELSEY (kicks luggage): There goes our transfer! We’re stuck here!

SCARLET: No, we’re not.

KELSEY: Damn it to hell!

SCARLET: Nobody died.

KELSEY: The f’ck are we gonna do now?

SCARLET: New York or L.A. – pick, pick….pick one.


SCARLET: Pick one!

KELSEY: Neither.

SCARLET: New York, good choice.

KELSEY: We’re broke!

SCARLET: I want New York.

KELSEY: I’m gonna have a heart-attack.

Kelsey lights a cigarette. Keeps to himself. Pause.

SCARLET: What time is it?

KELSEY: F’ck off.

SCARLET: Kels…Kels baby, what time is it?

KELSEY: Two-thirty in the freezing morning.

SCARLET: Sun will rise soon enough. We can walk to that diner we passed not too far from here.

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Curves of the Future by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Curves of the Future” Scarlet realizes that it’s still not too late to follow her dreams, after getting off the phone with her mother.  She tries to convince her boyfriend Kelsey to have a change of heart and for them to travel on a different bus.  2 Women, 1 Man.  Drama.

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