Did You Study for That Shakespeare Exam?

“Did you study for that Shakespeare exam?” opens up this excerpt between two teen friends who bond during the 1 act play Dust In Our Eyes.

DEAN: Did you study for that Shakespeare exam?

PAULA: Kinda. I mean…I haven’t really studied anything in a while.


PAULA: Just been listening in class.

DEAN: (mocking/joking) Oh, excuse me?

PAULA: Not like you who’s always being loud.

DEAN: I like being loud, it’s better than being quiet. I like noise.

PAULA: You have a problem with silence?

DEAN: Life shouldn’t be silent. Life should be loud.

PAULA: Why not start a rock band.

DEAN: I might.

PAULA: What is it with you and Shakespeare? Are you afraid of it?

DEAN: I would be if I understood anything.

PAULA: You shouldn’t be. It’s just language Dean.

DEAN: Nobody talks that way.

PAULA: That’s not the point.

DEAN: What is the point?

PAULA: If you actually allow yourself to listen to the words, you wouldn’t be so concerned with the logic because you will be too busy with the impact they’ve had on you…you know, how they make you feel.

DEAN: How they make me feel…you joking?

PAULA: No, I’m not.

DEAN: The words get you emotional?

PAULA: Well no, I’m not balling my eyes out or anything but yeah, there are moments that I feel.

DEAN: Like what?

PAULA: Lots of times.

DEAN: Yeah? When?

PAULA: When we all read Hamlet on Thursday.

DEAN: That was torture.

PAULA: No…I connected with Ophelia and how she was being pushed aside by Hamlet…

DEAN: Pushed aside?

PAULA: Yeah, sort of what my family does to me.

DEAN: That sucks.

PAULA: It does.

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