Enough Is Enough

In this short dramatic scene for two women, SARAH confronts the NURSE that has been wrongfully caring for her mother in the nursing home.

Enough Is Enough

Sarah: Hi, I was hoping to have a word with you.

Nurse: In a minute.

(Nurse fumbles around with papers behind a counter desk)

Sarah: Miss? This is in regards to my mother.

Nurse: I heard you.


Sarah: How long?

Nurse: Who’s your mother?

Sarah: You know my mother.  Rom 405.


Nurse: …What can I help you with?

Sarah: I would like to speak with you with regards to my mother.

Nurse:  Yes, I think you’ve said that…Go on…

Sarah: My mother has a bruise on her arm.

Nurse: That’s from the injection.  Sometimes there’s a bruise reaction.

Sarah: My mother said you were rough with her.

Nurse: Your mother doesn’t make it very easy for me to do my job.  When I gave her this mornings injection, she wouldn’t allow me to do so.  She resisted.

Sarah: And why do you think?

Nurse: Why do I think what?

Sarah: Why do you think my mother resisted?

Nurse: I’m not sure.

Sarah: Oh no?  She resisted because you grabbed her arm like a savage.

Nurse: Now I don’t know what you—

Sarah: Listen, listen to me right now because I’m trying to stay very calm.  My mother was in a deep sleep and you startled her by grabbing her arm like a savage, so much so that you yanked her awake and she was frightened and then you forced her to take her injection.  She has bruises on her arm from your fingers, not just the injection.

Nurse: She needs to take her injection.  It’s life or death if she doesn’t.

Sarah: Hey!  Let me be real clear about this…if you ever lay one finger on my Mother ever again, I will beat your face in.  Got it?  If you ever touch my mother, so help me God, you won’t know what hit you.  You’re a disgrace!  The way you handle your patients!  Absolute disgrace!  You should be ashamed of yourself.  She’s a little tiny thing.  You’re three times her size and handled her in such a manner, you should be fired.  She’s not the only one.  There are other patients here that complain, but they don’t have family to defend them.  I’m going to report you and make sure you stay far away from my mother.  You are not to care for her or go near her. Understood?

Nurse: But she needs her injection.

Sarah: Don’t be a wise ass.  Like you actually give a sh’t.  It’s abusive behavior and intolerable.  You have no idea what grounds you’re stepping on here and someone like you shouldn’t be caring for the elderly.  I’m always nice to you and you always have your bitch face and attitude on.  You’ve taken my kindness for a weakness.  Now you’ve seen my other side. Take this as a warning Linda or whatever your name is, you’ve been warned and you will be reported.  Someone else will take care of my mother, give her the injections she needs, the right way!  We clear?

Nurse: Yeah but I did nothing but my job.

Sarah: You can play your little game.  I have pictures and I’ve been screening you.  You think I would allow someone like you to hurt my mother? That’s as far as you go.

Nurse: Go ahead and put in your report.  I have patients that love me and my staff knows the truth.

Sarah: I see.  I’m going to get you fired.

Nurse: You can’t fire me?

Sarah: Cause you’ve been here for twenty years?  You think you have seniority? You don’t know who I am, who I know.  You’ve been abusing patients for years and it’s come to an end.  Enough is enough.

Nurse: Do what you have to do.

Sarah: Oh, we will, we most certainly will.  If I have to take my mother out of this facility to a safer place, so be it but you are not to touch her or go near her so help you God.


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