She’s got a diary, you know. You’re in it.

In drama scene from eplay, “Piper’s Coming Home”, Jerome tries to explain to Benny why he should give his bedroom up for Piper.

JEROME: What did you do with Piper’s things?

BENNY: I sold some of it.

JEROME: You’re kidding.

BENNY: I needed the money man, alright?

JEROME: Couldn’t ask me?

BENNY: You were tapped out, too.

JEROME: …That’s wrong, Ben.

BENNY: I kept most of her sh’t. It’s in the closet under one of the boards. (Beat.) She’s got a diary, you know. You’re in it.


BENNY: Yeah.

JEROME: She wrote about me?

BENNY: I told you, yeah.

JEROME: Not sure I should…did she say good things or bad things?

BENNY: Both.

JEROME: Really, like, how?

BENNY: She thinks you’re nerdy but finds you…enlightening.

JEROME: You’re messing with me.

BENNY: Enlightening. That’s her word..I think.

JEROME: Don’t tell me anymore. Don’t matter…and you shouldn’t be reading her diary.

BENNY: More like a diary disguised as a novel…weird.

JEROME: You read the whole thing?

BENNY: Yep. She hates my guts. She’ll hate me even more when she finds out I sold her sh’t. That’s life.

JEROME: Do you need a hand moving out?

BENNY: I’m keeping the room.

JEROME: What’s wrong with you?

BENNY: I like the room and there’s no other room that I like.

JEROME: That’s…not right. I’ll give her my room then.

BENNY: There’s no other room..they’re all taken.

JEROME: I don’t give a damn. I’ll sleep somewhere downstairs. I’m not like you.

BENNY: Dude, I’m telling you. There’s no cot, extra blankets, not even a chair to spare. We’re jam packed in this place. Remember Frederick had to turn away some kid from Maine last week? Couldn’t take him in.

JEROME: Rather Piper have my room.

BENNY: You must like her or something, eh?

JEROME: It’s just the right thing to do.

BENNY: No, it isn’t.

JEROME: We look at things differently Skylar.

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Piper's Coming Home by Joseph Arnone In the one act eplay, “Piper’s Coming Home”,  Jerome isn’t happy with his live in friend Benny about the fact that he won’t give up his room for Piper.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Drama.

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