I Once Seen a Boxer

“I once seen a boxer” brings together Nico and Maddock in this gripping sports scene excerpt taken from the drama one-act play Big Time.

NICO: I once seen a boxer, just like you many years ago try to do the same thing. He wanted to quit the ring and work as muscle for Aldo. Know what happened?


NICO: Not two weeks later they found him floating in the Hudson.


NICO: What do you mean why? He didn’t cut the mustard.

MADDOCK: It’s still better than becoming punchy.

NICO: That’s your pride talkin’.

MADDOCK: I rather die a quick death than deteriorate over time. I’m already starting to forget stuff and every now and then I have trouble speaking. I mumble over my words.

NICO: You’ve always talked that way.

MADDOCK: Even more so.

NICO: Makes no difference.

MADDOCK: You’ll have me fight to the bitter end and I don’t love this anymore. Don’t you understand? The love is gone. I want a new life.

NICO: Going with Aldo isn’t a new life.

MADDOCK: What is?! What are my options?

NICO: Go to the Caribbean and retire. Buy a little house and go fishing.

MADDOCK: Nico, I have no money.

NICO: Nothin’ saved?

MADDOCK: Nothing, from all these years, i’ve got nothing left! I’m taking care of my mother’s doctor bills and I got a whole lot of debt building up.

NICO: Which is why you can’t stop fighting.

MADDOCK: You won’t give up, will you Nico? You really are relentless, aren’t you? Why won’t you let me live my own life?

NICO: I’m just tryin’ to give you the best advice.

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