This is the story of JEF, the most advanced humanoid robot to ever exist.  Landia lost her boyfriend JEF but has replaced him with JEF the replica.

Is it possible for Landia to love JEF the replica?

LANDIA: I want to let you in to the things I’m feeling and I know you will be responsive, exactly how I need you to be but it’s wrong…it feels wrong, even though what you do and say seem correct…it’s off, you are off, we are off…for a while I lived inside this fantasy with you, thinking it was real, imagining everything was as it should be and to think I’ve even forgotten the real you, and I’m sick about that…it’s suddenly dawned on me how wrong all of this is…no matter how perfect you are, no matter how great you try and make me feel, it’s all false, this whole existence is fake. I’m all twisted up inside with how I feel about you because when I look at you, you are him, you sound just like him, you feel just like he did but it’s programmed, you are a program and I can see it. I can see the ones and zeros to the program and it’s broken for me, this illusion, everything in it, it’s shattered because there’s a heightened truth to things, there’s a higher realm that penetrates the lie. He did things, he used to do randomly crazy things that made me laugh, outlandish things that you can’t invent spontaneously unless you are a real living, breathing human being…he’s, he was one of a kind and I was so madly in love with him that I can’t ever be happy with his shadow…you aren’t Jef. Jef is dead. I need to end this immediately. I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry but I have to shut you down.

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JEFIn this one-act ePlay, Landia is at a crossroads as to whether or not she should shut down JEF or continue on with their relationship…

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