Cartwheel Leaf

In teen drama monologue from one-act play, “Cartwheel Leaf”, Riza talks about the odd tattoo on the neck of the guy she likes.

RIZA: ‘Cause I asked him. Who puts an upside down leaf on their neck, right? He told me that there’s no one way to look at life, that sometimes if we flip a situation upside down completely, we may understand life a whole lot better. Weird, but makes sense.

Like if we take our point of view about something that makes us angry as hell, if we flip our perspective on it, see it from the opposite side, we might realize all this negative feeling we have inside of us, is all for nothing. We don’t always need to be down or angry about something. We make things harder for ourselves.

For instance, my mom was giving me hell the other day ’bout my car getting scratched from the curb, ’cause I didn’t see the stupid thing, and she wouldn’t shut up about it; she kept on going on about it. My head was pounding, and I was getting so worked up that I felt the blood rise to my neck. I was losing my patience, but then I remembered Leon’s tattoo, and I instantly calmed down. I saw the situation from her point of view. Maybe I was too careless, maybe I didn’t care ’bout my car enough; she helped pay for it, and she probably felt like I was taking it all for granted. I just let her rant for a bit, then she calmed down, we both calmed down, and things were… alright again.

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Cartwheel Leaf by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Cartwheel Leaf” Riza warns Filipina about a guy she likes, claiming he comes from a crazy family and that there are serious rumors about bad things taking place.  2 Teen Women, 1 Teen Man.  Drama.

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