Mr. Bad Mood

In Mr. Bad Mood, BILL gets visited by his son VINCE for refusing to leave the lighthouse, and in this monologue he explains to his son the reason why.

BILL: This is where I wish to be when I go…thought I’d be gone by now but my body is stronger than I wish it to be and I’m hoping within two weeks time I’ll be officially gone for good. I’m dying, Vince. Do I have to speak it to you boy? That’s why McGregor can’t be allowed to take things over, not until I’ve had my last breath. Sit down, now you’re the one who looks unwell.

I like the quiet. I enjoy the cool morning breeze that wakes me up like clockwork each day. The sound of the waves crashing against them rocks…the sand, the gulls, the fire…a good book will do me, aaccompanied with scotch and I’m home at last…home, at last.

Sometimes, without even trying, the ghosts of this lighthouse will whisper in my ear and sing me soft songs that magnify my calm. It’s rich. A good life, with no one around…I can shout, I can cry, I can piss in the wind for all I care and never be bothered…pure freedom, as life should be…keeping things to a minimum, enough to get on with, without any worries.

Civilization is less than what it’s cracked up to be…I prefer the rugged terrain and the silence, oh that great distilled silence, just the sound of my own breath, until it fades away into the open sea…

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Mr. Bad Mood MiniIn this one-act ePlay, VINCE travels across the ocean to reach his father BILL who is managing a lighthouse alone.  After refusing to leave ‘the rock’, he is forced to tell his son the truth about why he doesn’t want to leave.  Drama. 2 Men.

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