Thin Ice

In Thin Ice, Kyle has just left detention and quickly makes friends with Scarlet as they walk towards home together.

KYLE: People out here seem too busy with their own lives. Nobody really cares to take any interest in me and I don’t blame them. I’m the new kid, right? And whenever someone does have anything to say to me it’s always some dumb random question like, ‘Are there a lot of shootings in Queens?’ Stuff like that, that doesn’t make any sense. Like where I’m from has this bad reputation or something and it’s nothing like that at all, you know, it’s just a regular place, no different than out here except for the fact that people from my town like to talk and it feels more like a family community vibe, can’t explain it, but it’s like you’re surrounded by one big family. Out here, you never know what you’re walking into. Maybe that’s cause I’m not familiar with things, but it seems lame in comparison.

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Thin Ice Play MonologueIn the one act eplay Thin Ice, Kyle is a new High School student that has recently been transferred and is already in detention.  He meets a fellow student named Scarlet and the two discover a lot in common, despite their different backgrounds.  1 Woman, 1 Man.  Teen Drama Play.

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