52 Effective Short Monologues for Teens and Kids

52 Free Monologues for Teenagers and Kids of All Ages is an effective collection of short monologues for actors in need of new audition pieces.

Looking for and finding the right monologue is never an easy task.  MB publishes new monologue material on a daily basis, so you will never run out of options for finding the monologue that best suits your needs.

Some topics include: Dating, forgiveness, friendship, identity, relationships with parents, trust, betrayal, health and more.

52 Effective Short Monologues for Teens and Kids


SHADOWS OF MY MIND – Naomi suffers from depression and anxiety and opens up to her Aunt for help and guidance.

MIND TRICK – a monologue about strange thoughts coming alive in the mind.

I’M NOT DUMB – Tabitha talks to her guidance counselor about her intelligence.

SLY STATEMENTS – Melanie doesn’t want to feel as low as her boyfriend seems to make her feel about herself.

BUBBLE WORLD – Jasmine wants to see her cousin care more about other people and not be so self-absorbed in life.

AGREE TO DISAGREE – in friendship trust matters and for this young teenager it matters a great deal.

POTATO HEAD – Ronda has to beg, borrow and steal to get her cousin to go out with her and her friends.

TYPICAL TEEN – Shadira opens up to her mother about how she needs her to have her back when it comes to the emotional strain she has juggling her dreams and her chores.

JUST SO YOU KNOW – Sally wants to be treated right by her sister and in this monologue she tells her what’s up.

ATTENTION – Michelle confronts her sister over the drama she always seems to generate within their family unit.

LICK MY WOUNDS – Crystal and her boyfriend have been having issues and in this monologue she talks to him about breaking up.


52 Contemporary Short Monologues for Teens and Kids

CAUSING A SCENE – Charlie hasn’t been hanging out as much with his cousin and in this monologue he lets his Dad know why.

IN YOUR WAY – for the longest time Teddy has been taking verbal abuse form his older brother and in this monologue he stands up for himself.

ASK HER OUT – Daniel likes his best friend’s sister and this short monologue deals with him talking to his friend about it.

SEE ME – Alina has been faced with multiple rejection letters from various drama schools.

UNDER YOUR SPELL – Hendrick hasn’t had any luck dating girls and he is beginning to think he’s been cursed.

SAME THING – Tara talks to her friend about the indirect battle they have going on about secretly competing with one another.

MY SIDE OF THINGS – Clara lets her sister know that she doesn’t appreciate how stubborn she can be at times.

HEAVY COUGH – Emilia simply doesn’t feel well and in this monologue she tries to get her Mother on her side.

TELLING SECRETS – Sarah is let down from her best friend because she told the guy she likes that she’s been crushing on him.

PLEASE FORGIVE ME – Jesse has struggles at home which cause him to lash out at his girlfriend.  In this monologue he seeks forgiveness from her.

NOT FEELING YOU – Cassandra accidentally kissed one of her guy friends at a beer party and now regrets it.

OLD ENOUGH TO WORK – Martin rages at his Mother for never having any food in their refrigerator but he quickly recognizes her pain and steps up to the plate to help out.

ANYTHING SWEET STAYS – Carolina battles her bloated feeling and blames it on her allergies.

I LIKED HER FIRST – Sergio has experienced betrayal from his close friend over a girl.

NEVER BEEN KISSED – Kerry has never kissed a guy before and she is nervous for it to happen with this guy Johnny she likes.

WE WILL CROSS THAT BRIDGE WHEN WE COME TO IT – Andy doesn’t want an exclusive relationship with the girl he’s been seeing and in this monologue he tries to get her to understand.

CORNER STORE – Jasmine wants to get her close friend to stop drinking so much.

REAL DAD – Ashley talks to her father about his alcohol problem.

ONE THING – Brianna is ready to singlehandedly take on an army of men who don’t show her respect.

BRING ABOUT CHANGE – Melani wants to improve the world and she speaks out about how she wants to help people.

BAD LOOK – Emily has a friend who has an outrageous laugh and she doesn’t know how to tell her she needs to chill it down.

STACY’S EYES – Cristina is so jealous of Stacy’s special ‘eye’ technique with all the guys.

CHASING JEREMY – Kimberly experiences young puppy love.

THE WORLD IS NOT KIND – Polly addresses her family about wanting to be treated like a roper adult.

A WALK IN THE SUN – Alderon is having second thoughts about having his girlfriend join him as a vampire.

CIDER, BABY – Sophie has an obsession with apple cider and this monologue piece explore it.

TIS PITY HE’S A BROTHER – this monologue is a period piece where a teenager is titled as a Miss.  In this monologue she tells her brother Harold that he needs to do more work for the family.

NOT MAKING IT ANYMORE – Jack and his girlfriend of three years might be calling it quits.

MAD MIKE – Michael imagines himself being a rap legend, the only problem is his mother interrupts him to come down for dinner.


Best Kid Audition Monologues for Young Performers

FINAL GOODBYE– over the summer at his Grandparents home, young Sam made friend with a dog named Buddy and in this monologue he needs to make his final goodbye.

EVER SO GENTLY – Joshua cares for his older brother who has been physically wounded from their violent father.

BOOST – a monologue that explore a young girl crushing on a boy.

NOBODY BOTHERS ME – Patrick does not want to confess the truth of being bullied at school.

DON’T PLAY – a monologue about a young boy who doesn’t want his video games being touched.

HOW NOAH GOT HIS FAT LIP – Noah set free a bird that his friend trapped and was punched in his mouth because of it.

RYAN’S NOSE WAS BLEEDING –  Eon shares the story with his Mother as to why his friend Ryan received a bloody nose.

POSTERS – Charlene is beside herself over the fact that her brother ruined her most favorite posters in the whole wide world.

PLAYING CHESS GAMES ONLINE– Toddley is upset with his sister because she is distracting him from his chess study.

SO LUCKY, SO COOL – J.R. tells his friend how much he wishes he had a cool older brother, too.

MR. POPPIN – Robert acts tough in front of the mirror and has fantasies of being a pro fighter one day.

SHOW AND TELL – Annamarie is devastated over the notion that her father never showed up to her school for show and tell day.


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