In drama monologue, “Skylar” Skylar talks to Jerome about missing the mother he has never gotten the chance to ever know.

SKYLAR: Been chasing her ghost all my life, haven’t I? Always waiting for her to come back. (gestures to photo in his hand) Last time I remember seeing her…(sips from a small bottle of whiskey) The only memory I have of her. I’ve played it over in my mind repeatedly, hoping I’d catch something new, something I didn’t see before. There’s this sweater, she was wearing this thick pink sweater, think it was wool..I hate wool..but I’ve changed the sweater to cashmere, it’s softer. If it weren’t for this photo, I’m not so sure I’d remember anything about her at all. Who knows for sure if what I remember is even truly real? …I want it to be real, so it’s real. No trace of her man, but I found this on the floor (holds up a clump of accumulated hair)…must be hers. The color feels about right…auburn.

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Skylar by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “Skylar” Skylar has been searching to locate his mother to no avail.  While his friend Jerome has been helping him, Jerome has also found a woman named Lenora that he could be falling in love with.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Drama.

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