Piper’s Coming Home

In Piper’s Coming Home, a group of misfits living in an abandoned building are expecting Piper to return.

JEROME:  I’m not siding with anybody, but Piper had it bad, man, you know that. It will give her comfort to feel like she wasn’t disposed of, right? She’ll be able to come back to what she knows and, I don’t know, feel like we all feel when we’re here…when things are right with us all. She was here way before you or I, and I don’t know about you, but she was good with me when I first arrived, she made me feel like I belonged. No one understands her, she’s got a lot of people mad, I get that, but we’ve got to look at the good in her. I was in a bad way, especially at that time; she made me think I had a chance when I thought it was all over. You know, she’s probably freaked out right now, the least we can do is give her back her room. It’ll make a big difference for her well being. And, I don’t want anything worse to happen to her.

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Piper's Coming Home by Joseph Arnone In the one act eplay, “Piper’s Coming Home”,  Jerome isn’t happy with his live in friend Benny about the fact that he won’t give up his room for Piper.  1 Woman, 2 Men.  Drama.

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