Once In A Blue Moon

In short crime drama script, “Once In A Blue Moon,” Elmer makes Slade a shocking offer after finding out he stole his money.

Once In A Blue Moon



ELMER and SLADE are conducting business at a table rear end of the bar. The place is empty, except for Elmer and Slade.

ELMER:  I told you, I take this stuff very seriously. Did you think I was foolin’?


Elmer snorts coke with his pinky nail.

ELMER:  Now…I think we need to rectify this situation. Don’t you?

SLADE:  I guess…

ELMER:  You guessed right. You know, it really confuses me because I should have enough of a reputation established by now, out there in the free world. So many years gone by putting my time in…people like you ought to know about me.

SLADE:  I know about you, Mr. Elmers.

ELMER:  Do you?

SLADE:  Yes.

ELMER:  I find that relatively hard to believe, based on what you did.

SLADE:  I didn’t think I’d get caught.

ELMER:  Is it your wife?

SLADE:  No, sir…it’s my, my boy, my little boy he’s, he’s not well.

ELMER:  What’s wrong with him?

SLADE:  He’s got all kinds of breathing problems. He’s on all kinds of inhalers for his asthma and he suffers pretty bad with allergies…he can die and we, me and my wife that is, we can’t afford to keep up with the medical fees. Our insurance is crap and doesn’t do much in the way of helping my boy so, well, that’s why I did what I went and done.

ELMER:  Makes sense. You have a sick child and you did what you needed to do as a good father, to provide for your boy the certain care his condition calls for…correct?

SLADE:  That’s right, Mr. Elmers.

ELMER:  Life is so full of surprises, isn’t it? (beat) How old is your son?

SLADE:  He’s six years old.

ELMER:  Is he your only child?

SLADE:  My one any only.

ELMER:  What’s his name?

SLADE:  His name is Charlie.

ELMER:  Charlie…my brother’s name is Charlie.

SLADE:  I know…

ELMER:  Do you love your wife?

SLADE:  I do. Very much.

ELMER:  And you are all closely bundled with love?

SLADE:  We are, sir.

ELMER:  Why did you think that in your attempt to help Charlie, you wouldn’t get caught, based on my reputation?

SLADE:  Desperate men do desperate things.

ELMER (ELMER NODS):  And how is Charlie, now?

SLADE:  He’s alright, we have his condition in control.

ELMER:  In control…that’s good.

SLADE:  Yes.

ELMER:  And when did you or I should say HOW did you get your son’s condition in such control?

SLADE:  We found a doctor, a doctor who took great pity on my family.

ELMER:  You see, there are still good people in this world. Saints! I’m happy to hear your son is doing fine. (beat) When exactly did you get your son’s condition in control?

SLADE:  When?

ELMER:  Was it before or after you robbed from me?

SLADE:  I think it was…it was…the following day. I used the money to pay the doctor to save my boy.

ELMER:  Incredible. You know, this doctor you speak of, does he have a name?

SLADE:  Doctor Sin-Yee Han.

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Once in a Blue Moon by Joseph ArnoneIn the short crime drama script, “Once in a Blue Moon,” Slide confesses to having robbed Elmer and now must pay a price in order to remain alive.  2 Men. Crime Drama.

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