Today, you will no longer be an employee of the company.

In drama scene from eplay, “The Data Evaluation”, Gerald gets fired from his job based on the data measuring his work performance.

Gerald appears at the doorframe – knocks gently.

Mr. Higgs places a folder into the archive of his metal filing cabinet.

MR HIGGS: Good morning, Gerald. Please, sit down.

Mr. Higgs removes a different folder from his archive cabinet.

He opens it on his table before sitting.

Yes, I do things according to our friends in the previous centuries. I write things down and file things away in folders by way of metal cabinets. So industrial of me, I know, but it must be in my DNA. I like to organize the old fashion way.

Gerald, you are fired. Today, you will no longer be an employee of the company. Response?


MR. HIGGS: According to the data, of course..your work isn’t up to par. You’ve dropped in percentage each month since you were recruited, and this past month alone you have dropped a whopping 32.3 percent to be exact.

GERALD: But I’ve met all my deadlines. I still finish the work I’ve been assigned for each day. I sometimes stay overtime, if necessary.

MR. HIGGS: If necessary…

GERALD: Clearly, the data doesn’t show my arrival and leave times.

MR. HIGGS: You know it does, Gerald.

GERALD: It does?

MR. HIGGS: Precisely.


MR. HIGGS: We needed you to finish more, FASTER..not less, LONGER.

GERLAD: All you had to do was ask.

MR. HIGGS: Ask..what?

GERALD: Instruct.

MR. HIGGS: That’s not what we do here, Gerald.

GERALD: But wouldn’t it make sense to help your employees make the necessary adjustments to excel?

MR. HIGGS: On the contrary, we expect the intensity of every worker to gradually improve on their own accord, without interference.

GERALD: How does that make sense?

MR. HIGGS: According to our data, it makes complete sense.

GERALD: I feel as though I get better each week. I am proficient.

MR. HIGGS: Proficient isn’t sufficient. What we believe, wholeheartedly, is in organic matter. The organic matter of all our individual employees. You have heard of natural selection? We want the natural design of what makes you YOU to fit within the fabric of our company. Obviously, this is why you were chosen for this division to begin with.

GERALD: What other divisions are there?

MR. HIGGS: Many.

GERALD: Are you saying that there is a division where management can instruct employees to improve?

MR. HIGGS: Certainly.

GERALD: Why wasn’t I selected for that division?

MR HIGGS: You showed promise for the division you were chosen for, based on the data.

GERALD: But the data failed.

MR. HIGGS: No, Mr. Reynolds…you failed.

GERALD: But, I fulfill my quota!

MR. HIGGS: Yes, you did, I see that and it’s nice, but we hope for one’s passion to sing. You haven’t sung since your very first day.

GERALD: But this is what I love to do.

MR. HIGGS: We know it is.

GERALD: Why not transfer me to the other division?

MR. HIGGS: It does not work that way?

GERALD: Why not?

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The Data Evaluation by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay, ‘The Data Evaluation’, Gerald gets fired from his job because ‘the data’ that reviews his work ethic capabilities isn’t happy with his progress.  4 Men.  Drama. Science Fiction. 

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