One of the Good Guys

In One of the Good Guys, CARLSTON goes off on a journalist who wrote a major cover story about him, reporting false allegations.

(over phone in his office)

CARLSTON:  How can you say that stuff about me in the media, Jim?  I’ve known you for twenty-one odd years and you go and slander my name, my entire reputation on things that aren’t even fact checked?  How do you know?! How do you know if the allegations against me are true or false?  There is no leaked source, there is no solid data, there are no facts, Jim.

What you have is a deep desire to get your story out to the masses and hurt everything I’ve worked so hard for because it will make you shine and make you a rock star journalist.  Am I right?  Am I right?

Well, you blew it, pal.  I will take you for everything you are worth.  I will destroy you, the same way you have tried to destroy me.  And why? Huh?  Why?  Why me?  You know who I am, what I’m about.  Why me?!

You’re double-dealing, aren’t you?  Getting a big payoff from one of my competitors, is that it?  …Okay, if that’s the way they want to play ball, then that is the way we will play ball.

You know Jim, I actually liked you.  I thought you were one of the good guys and I’m usually a pretty damn good judge of character.  I am.  But this has all taken me for quite a loop.  Maybe I am losing my touch cause I didn’t see this coming.

But one things for sure Jim, it will be set right…

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CARLSTON is at the end of his rope when confronting JIM, a reporter who was forced to write a major news story.  However, this one-act play has a turn of events that Jim never saw coming.

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