One Red Cent

In this short drama scene, Craig plans on picking up his kids for the weekend from his ex-wife, but she won’t let him because he isn’t paying alimony.

Craig: I don’t have it this week, Pam.
Pam: Why not?
Craig: Because I don’t have it.
Pam: Why not??
Craig: We playing games over here?
Pam: You’re not taking the kids this week.
Craig: Tell the kids to meet me in the car, they have five minutes.
Pam: I’m not letting you see the children.
Craig: I want to see my kids!
Pam: Where’s the money to take care of them then?
Craig: I said I don’t have it.
Pam: Bullshit! Every week same story.

Craig walks away.

We have bills to pay Craig!
Craig: Go work!
Pam: I do work! That’s why our kids have clothes on their back and food in their mouths.
Craig: Five minutes!
Pam: They aren’t going with you.

Craig charges the door. Pam slams it shut locking it. Craig pounds the door.

Craig: The kids are coming with me I said!
Pam: Not this weekend! I will call the cops.
Craig: Call them!!

Craig punches the door and steps away.


Craig sits on the front stoop.

Pam’s boyfriend William walks into the front yard.

William: Hey, Craig…picking up the kids?
Craig: Trying.

William enters the house.

William: (to Pam) What’s going on?
Pam: That son of a bitch isn’t taking the kids. He promised me he’d have the money this week and he doesn’t have shit.
William: Pamela…let him have his kids.
Pam: I said no. He does this every week!
William: A man has a right to see his children.
Pam: Why should he get a free ride? I’m the one raising them! He promised child support, I didn’t take him to court and this is the thanks I get.
William: Calm yourself. We have money–
Pam: That’s not the point Will!
William: Look, you’re right with him paying his responsibilities for the kids. I completely agree with you but I don’t think it’s right to hold the kids as ransom.
Pam: He needs to learn.
William: That’s not the way.
Pam: So just let him see his kids each week without paying one red cent? He makes me out to be a fool!
William: I think he should see his kids because they are the ones who get hurt the most.
Pam: (to herself) Bastard. (looking out window) Look at him.


Alright call the kids…tell them their father is here and waiting.

Joseph Arnone