Burning Flowers

In Burning Flowers, Riona has reached her breaking point with trying to raise her baby Lola and lets her husband Sean know.

RIONA:  No, Sean, no. This, this isn’t a bad day. It’s a bad life. Ever since Lola, my life has been turned upside down and I’m completely miserable. I can’t get any work done and none of it is what you promised me. You leave her all to me! How am I gonna write songs if all I’m doing is changing diapers? I can’t operate this way. This was never what I wanted, feel like you’ve conned me into it. We should have never of accepted things the way they happened. You go off into your garden or your books or your drives and I’m left home alone taking care of her, ALONE. I should have known! I said it, I knew. I knew this was bullsh’t and I was right. I tried. I tried for you, but this is, I’m not, I’m not the motherly type, never was, never f’n will be and now I am one. A mother. Me! And for what? (long pause) I don’t feel it. I can’t bring myself to it. That, that bond, connection or whatever it is, it’s, it’s not in me, it’s, it’s missing, I reach for it, but it isn’t there, nothing to grab hold of. God, I’m empty. That child knows it. It’s why she’s crying all the damn time, she knows it. She deserves a better mother Sean. I’m not the one. I want to, I need to find a way out, we need to look into other options, you know? Other alternatives, to, to give her a better life?

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Burning Flowers by Joseph Arnone

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In the one act eplay Burning Flowers, Riona has been a mother for about a year and is absolute unhappy. She feels totally unfit to be a mother. Her husband Sean does all that he can to make their family unit work, but it just doesn’t seem to ever be enough.  2 Women, 1 Man, 1 Baby.  Drama.

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