I Saw Two Clouds in the Sky Kiss Once.

“I Saw Two Clouds in the Sky Kiss Once.” is a drama monologue from a short play about a woman staying in a private care rehab to get well.

LUNA:  I get the feeling things are falling apart. Take you, for example. You’re an awkward fellow, if you don’t mind my saying so. Clearly, something is amiss. Take your attire. That suit you’re wearing – not to say it isn’t fashionable, VINTAGE – looks faded, washed out. In fact, your whole apparatus appears discolored to me, desaturated, as if the temperature of your existence has been toned down. You have held on to your contrast, your shirt, your tie, but overall, you strike me as someone who has drowned, someone who needs an injection of oxygen. Are those kind of injections available here? You, a person who has drowned to death, yet with one giant burst of breath received to your lungs, would gasp and grasp at life..eyes blazing, thoughts racing toward rosy red cheeks, pulsating veins and muscle spasms..fingers clenched with passion. (Beat.) Do they still have passion? What hidden draw can I dig my hands in to pull out your rainbow?


Or is it ancient, lost and scattered about like dinosaur bones? Tell me, do you ever wonder where you have gone? The real you; not this made up imposter you pretend to be. You are not meek. You are not polite. You are not formal. You curse. You have violent tendencies. You shower and shave more often than you give a damn. Appearances. Gestures. Indentations. You have molded and shaped yourself in order to survive this world, but have ignored the pain that has made you wither.

Don’t you ever care to wrestle down your existence, pin it and whisper in its ear, “I OWN YOU, YOU DO NOT OWN ME”.

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Two Clouds by Joseph ArnoneIn the one-act eplay, “I Saw Two Clouds in the Sky Kiss Once.”, Luna is staying at a private rehab center when she engages in conversation with the caretaker about strange sounds, appearances and truth. 1 Woman, 1 Man. Drama.

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