Peanuts On The Dollar

In Peanuts On The Dollar, Chester talks to his friend about why he needs a gun in order get the money for his mom’s surgery.

CHESTER: You know what I’m worryin’ ’bout? Feeding my mom’s. Taking care of my mom’s. Yeah? Who’s gonna pay for her medicine? Who? You? How she gonna make that surgery she needs? Eh? I gotta see her scream in pain each night? I got a mother who I’m takin’ care of like I’m her father. Wanna get her what she needs. I’m gonna GET HER what she needs man. I don’t fk’n care about it! Takin’ her outta this hell and into a new apartment with stainless steel appliances. You know those big steel refrigerators and them marble kitchen countertops with the backsplash? No more roaches that come to sleep with you at night. I want big windows so our house is filled with light, lots of light with a view of the ocean, so my mom can go to the beach and laugh with the dolphins and get tan whenever she wants. I want her to smile and be free without a care in the world because she knows her son’s got her back. So yeah man, I gotta do a few things to make that happen and if that’s the risk I gotta take then I’m taking it man. What choice do I got?? Keep working at the shoe store for peanuts on the dollar? That ain’t no life. This needs to change and I’m a change it.

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Peanuts On The Dollar by Joseph ArnoneIn the one act eplay Peanuts On The Dollar, Chester is about to do something he will regret for the rest of his life, but in a turn of events his friend steers him away from it with hopes of bringing Chester into a different hustle.  2 Men.  Drama.

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