The World Changed Colour

In this monologue from, ‘The World Changed Colour’ Michelle talks to her friend Grace about the loss of her sister.

MICHELLE: I wish I had more time with her, that’s all. I just wanted to tell her once how I felt, just once. I didn’t wanna argue with her, didn’t wanna fight, I just wanted to look into her eyes just once and tell her I loved her. In my way, I wanted to tell her in my way.  (Pause.) I never thought there’d be a day when I’d just give up on people. I don’t mean you, Scotty or Fred, I love you, you’re my family…I just, I just think I gave up on everyone else. I stopped tryin’, you know? And I always said to myself, don’t let it happen Mitch, cos once that light goes, you’ll never get it back. But since that day, something did change in me Grace. It’s like the world changed colour. On the morning of her funeral, I just, I couldn’t look at anyone anymore, all I wanted to think about was her and then I couldn’t come up with any memories, cos she robbed us of ’em. I tried to go back to when we were kids, maybe then I’d have somethin’ but couldn’t find anythin’, a few photos, a few cards, a few words here and there…in all our thirty years. And you wonder, what – what did it all mean?

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The World Changed Colour by Daniella Alma‘The World Changed Colour’ is a one-act eplay set in an East London park among two working-class friends Michelle and Grace.  Relationships get explored between themselves and their partners under the struggles of economic instability and loss.  2 Women. Drama.

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Daniella Alma

Daniella is a British actress living in New York City with dual UK/US citizenship. In addition, she is a guest writer and executive film producer for Monologue Blogger Films.