You’re expecting me to make a confession?

Drama scene from the play act, “Cracks in Stone” a period piece about a husband who questions if his daughter is truly his.

BETHANY: Everything alright?

AUGUST: Oh, you know, can’t complain…not with these open blue skies, not a cloud in sight, it’s almost a perfect day.


BETHANY turns to exit.

AUGUST: Beth…Beth, listen…can you sit down a moment?

BETHANY: I’m putting clothes on the line August and it’ll rain at —

AUGUST: No, that’s okay, it could wait.

BETHANY: But you’ve been going on about needing a clean shirt.

AUGUST: It could wait. Please…

BETHANY sits down, keeping the basket on her lap.

Are you happy…with me, us, do I make you happy?

BETHANY: The issue isn’t about us, is it?

AUGUST: But I’m asking you.

BETHANY: We have always got along, haven’t we August?

AUGUST: We have. But…are we more than only compatible?

BETHANY: I should hope so.

AUGUST: But you seem rigid…towards me, rigid or removed, I’m not quite sure how to put it into words.

BETHANY: We have always made room for each other, haven’t we?

AUGUST: Indeed we have but as of late the distance does appear to have grown greater.




AUGUST: Yes, why?

BETHANY: How do you expect me to answer for both of us?

AUGUST: It started well before our discussions over our daughter.

BETHANY: What started?

AUGUST: This growing distance! Have you not heard a word I am saying to you?

BETHANY: And I told you that I have no idea what you are going on about.

AUGUST: There must be something you wish to tell me.

BETHANY: Don’t start another one of your theories.

AUGUST: You are my wife and I am simply asking you a question.

BETHANY: What is your question, August?

AUGUST: My question, my question is that, do you have something you are keeping inside yourself that you wish to confess to me Beth? If you do, then I would like you to be out with it.

BETHANY: …Out with it…

AUGUST: Correct.

BETHANY: Confession?


BETHANY: You’re expecting me to make a confession?

AUGUST: Well —

BETHANY: As if I keep a chest of secrets from you! As if the word CONFESSION is the answer to your confusion!

AUGUST: I assure you, there is no confusion I am feeling Bethany, will you just have the patience —

BETHANY: I have nothing to confess to you.

AUGUST: Then why have…why have you been so distant?

BETHANY: Nothing has changed.

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