Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

In Step Out of Your Comfort Zone, Lara talks to her boyfriend about making the time to go out more often and socialize.

LARA:  Don’t sit on your high horse and mock my way of living…I need to go out.  I can’t stomach being trapped here like a prisoner.  There is nothing going on, ever!  I need fun, I am young, I want to go out with my friends.

I have one life and I am going to live it.  You like staying home, all day, like an old man.  You don’t go out unless it’s for the store to get food.  All you think about is eating and sitting.

I want to dance!  I want to party!

I’m not saying work isn’t important.  It is important but so is a social life.  There needs to be a healthy balance.

If you can’t come out with me Jake, I’m going out without you because I’m not going to waste my life.

Step out of your comfort zone and live a little before it’s too late.

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In this one-act play, Lara and her boyfriend Jake are on their way to a rave but don’t leave their place until a couple of ‘issues’ get discussed.

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